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Howe breezes to quarterfinals

Sophomore and No. 1 seed Andrew Howe won his second round match in dominating fashion over Justin Kerber of Cornell, 14-3. Howe finished with an impressive 3:39 of riding time in the match.

Howe got right to work, scoring a takedown 6 seconds into the match. He let Kerber up at 1:51, but then took him down 11 seconds later. Another escape was followed by another takedown as Howe led 6-2 after one period.

The second period started with Howe down, but he got a reversal to make it 8-2 with 1:06 left. An escape by Kerber was then followed by takedown from Howe. The second period ended with Howe up 10-3.

The third period featured Howe escaping as he started down. He then used a takedown and riding time to advance to the quarterfinals.