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Game on!

Wisconsin women's soccer head coach Paula Wilkins will keep a consistent blog throughout the  spring season to track the team's progress and other tidbits. Check back to UWBadgers.com for regular updates.

One more blog before spring break!!

I love a sunny day, and I love my drive into work along the Lake as my radio is playing the hits from the 80s and 90s. How can you not be happy to start your day listening to the Safety Dance or Maniac Monday?  

It is the Friday before spring break, and I feel like we are the only coaches working today. I have finished my last individual meetings for the week with the team. I make it a point in the spring to meet with each player to review their performance in the most recent games. I feel this feedback along with video and individual sessions really improves our player development in the spring. The spring is where we really have time to develop the team, so I view this as a very important time of the year.

This week has been a slow week in terms of our training, giving the team two days off from the weekend. We had several beat up players from playing three games in two days along with seven hours of travel. I thought the days off would be more beneficial from a recovery perspective. Plus, several of the players had the added stress of tests and projects due right before spring break.

On Thursday, I told the team that we were going to do some fitness tests prior to spring break, but I tricked them. I decided to have a little team bonding with a few games of laser tag. Laser tag was a good time, and I even played in the first game. However, I got hit a lot!  At one point, I decided to team up with my associate coach Tim (Rosenfeld) to be a duo for protection. However, I didn't realize that Tim just kept shooting me and getting a ton of points. So much for a partnership... We did discover that Moni Lam-Feist is an animal at laser tag winning the most points for the entire series of games!  I would have never guessed that one!

I got off my couch finally to continue my quest for Middletown, PA, and I am proud to say that I am out of Wisconsin and in the state of Illinois. Only 733.5 miles to go, this is going to take forever.  

As for food this week, I would suggest Dotty's Burgers if you are craving a burger! Dotty's has one of the hamburgers in Madison along with great cheese curds and milkshakes. I had never had a cheese curd before I came to Wisconsin, and I have to tell you that they are addicting (and one of the reasons I have to run!)  I can't wait for the Farmer's Market to start again at the end of April. Only a few more weeks!