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Field of 32: Making 32 observations until 2nd round tip-off

After the success of the first round's 'Field of 64', @BadgerMBBall is back at it with the 'Field of 32' for round two. Leading up to Sunday's NCAA tournament game between No. 4 Wisconsin and No. 12 Cornell, @BadgerMBBall sent out 32 Tweets with observations and commentary from the Badgers' stay in Jacksonville. Follow along to get them in real time (http://twitter.com/BadgerMBBall).

If you're not a follower, here's what you missed...

1. Tip-off Wisconsin vs. Cornell!

2. Hard to tell the difference between the Cornell and Wisconsin sections today ... lots of red in the building

3. Philly connections all over the place in Jax ... Bo Ryan and Cornell coach Steve Donahue grew up 15 yrs & 10 mi apart

4. Game officials for today: Anthony Greene, Scott Thornley, Mike Kitts

5. Starting lineup for Wisconsin: G Trevon Hughes, G Jordan Taylor, G Jason Bohannon, F Keaton Nankivil, F Jon Leuer

6. Starting lineup for Cornell: G Louis Dale, G Chris Wroblewski, F Ryan Wittman, F Jon Jaques, C Jeff Foote

7. During the national anthem, Cornell's cheering section yells out loud when the word "Red!" comes up

8. The UW band just finished up the national anthem ... best version of the Star Spangled Banner yet in Jacksonville

9. Family affair today with Leuer, Taylor, Jarmusz, Nankivil & Bohannon families in the seats to take in the game

10. Must be close to gametime. The always-popular Gameday Blog is live from courtside

11. As his teammates get a few shots up pregame, T. Hughes is sitting on bench carefully studying the Cornell players warm up.

12. NCAA won't let teams touch the game balls until 1 hour from tip ... Cornell players using wad of tape for some early shots

13. Just walked in the arena and saw 'Wisconsin 100, Cornell 0' on the scoreboard... don't think that's an accurate prediction

14. Badgers police escort is extra large today... Picked up help from Wofford, Louisville, Ark PB and Temple's escort crews

15. On Wisconsin from the band, loud fans & cheerleader tunnel as the players exit hotel... Goosebumps! Love March Madness

16. Pregame meal is digesting and now it's ankle-taping time with Henry. Bus rolls out at 1:15 ET

17. In Cornell's 4 losses this year, opponents avg. 30 FT attempts ... in their 28 wins, it's 18. Getting to line could be big

18. Scouting report begins at the team hotel. Lots of clips on defending the 3-pointer and how to defend big man Jeff Foote.

19. Big match-up today is Leuer vs Jeff Foote. Cornell's 7-footer says Leuer is "like an Ivy League player, but more skilled."

20. It's Gameday! Bo Ryan & Howard Moore are up early pouring over Cornell stats & notes. Gary Close is breaking down Kentucky just in case.

21. While UW frantically preps for quick turnaround game, Cornell is used to it having played 12 games with 2 or fewer days of prep this yr.

22. Hughes and J-Bo have 105 career wins, tying class of 2008 for UW record. Cornell seniors have won 98 games.

23. Hughes used the word 'predicated' in his presser today. Asked it about it after, he said he just used it playing scrabble.

24. The Badgers are led by a pair of senior guards. Cornell has NINE seniors on its roster, including four starters.

25. Badgers are watching Big Ten vs Cornell prequel as Iowa is pinning Cornell in the NCAA wrestling championship. Is hoops pinning next?

26. The maintenance engineer at the Badgers' team hotel in Jacksonville is named Bo. It's a sign.

27. Jordan Taylor and Trevon Hughes got to ride back from Friday's game in one of the police cars involved in our escort.

28. It's 73 and sunny outside, but here in the Jax Arena it must be about 50 degrees & drafty... UW's shooting is hot though.

29. Badgers are practicing behind closed doors right now. Howard Moore is delivering the scouting report on Cornell.

30. Bo Ryan said he got calls from coaching friends who said: "A coach's worst nightmare is preparing for Cornell in one day."

31. Hughes at press conf: "Coach always tells us defense never has an off night. So when offense is down, our defense can pull us thru."

Field of 32 begins... 32. Cornell's Jeff Foote on Wisconsin: "I know 'That 70s Show' was set there, and they're good with cheese."