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Rhode Island

By Olivia Jakiel, Wisconsin women's hockey

This past weekend marked the second road trip where our team chartered a plane to our destination; this time it was Providence, Rhode Island. An early departure of 5 a.m. from Camp Randall would make for a very grumpy bus ride to the airport (so you would think); however, the team was chatty and extremely bubbly (I would like to thank my four cups of coffee for that). Once we arrived we headed straight for the rink to practice, where Stef (McKeough) won the showdown again and picked Jasmine (Giles) to sing.

The hotel we stayed at, The Biltmore, was extravagant. Christmas trees welcomed us into the lobby as did leather couches and the classiest Starbucks I have ever seen. The rooms were incredible, with two king size beds and a flat screen in one room, followed by a separate living room area that boasted an extremely oversized chair, a leather couch, another television, a walk-in closet big enough to house a small family, and breathtaking views of the city.

The Thanksgiving dinner that was served to us was absolutely fantastic. Don't get me wrong, nothing can replace my mom's home cooked meals (she should be The Next Food Network Star) or my twin brother's famous dishes, but this was pretty darn close. The buffet table seemed never ending, lined with salad, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (candied yams, perhaps?), stuffing, pumpkin pie, fruit, sparkling cider; basically, anything one can think of.

As with every Thanksgiving, we were instructed to think of someone (or something) we were thankful for and to call them, text them, e-mail, etc. to let them know. I know this is an important part of Thanksgiving, but I also believe that one time a year shouldn't be the quota for us all to let someone know how thankful we are for them or to truly appreciate what we are given and what we have.

So, Badger Fans, I encourage you to reach out to someone that you are thankful for or has had a huge impact in your life and let them know just how much they mean to you. It's a simple act of kindness that can go a long way. Here's a public one for my family: Mom, Dad, Andy, Steve: thanks for supporting me in all the decisions I've made thus far in my life and for always being there for me with all the obstacles I've faced in my life, especially this year.

This weekend we face a huge opponent, UMD and we hope to get our second sweep of the season. Games are set for Friday and Sunday at 2 p.m., with "Skate with the Badgers" after the Sunday game. Bring your skates!