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Practice Report #2: Staying focused

After dealing with rainy conditions on Friday, the Wisconsin football team returned to practice on Saturday and again was greeted by less than ideal weather. It was unseasonably cool with a temperature hovering in the mid-50s as the Badgers worked on a practice field outside of Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium.

The team practiced for 18 periods wearing half-packs (shoulder pads and shorts).

"I thought it was a very clean practice," freshman linebacker Chris Borland said. "We went shorter than we usually do, kept it clean and had a good tempo throughout, so I think it was a good practice."

Senior safety Chris Maragos agreed.

"It was actually kind of cold, so it felt like we were back home," he said. "We brought a little bit of that cold weather with us. We would have liked to have it a little warmer out here just to simulate game day, but it was good and we're getting good work in. We're getting used to the turf out here, it's grass so it's a little different than back home, but we're getting good work in and we're ready to play."

Through two days of practice, players feel like the team is in a good state.

"We had a little adversity yesterday with the downpour, but we just practiced through it and remained sharp and executed well, so I think it shows that this team is focused in on what we have to do," Borland said.

Maragos echoed Borland's sentiments.

"Everybody's focused," he said. "The first couple of days we were here, we were able to go see the theme parks and all that, and now we're getting really focused in and tuned up for getting ready to roll against Miami."

Senior linebacker Jaevery McFadden has the same feeling that Maragos and Borland do.

"We're pretty focused right now, as we get closer and closer to game day," McFadden said. "Right now it's time to lock in for sure, and I don't have to say anything to anybody, even the young guys. We had our fun the last couple of days at the theme parks, but now it's that time where you start to lock in and focus."

McFadden credits the coaching staff with preparing the team.

"We feel like the coaches have done a wonderful job of going through the game plan, going through the film and making this an easy defensive game plan for us to go by," he said.

The Badgers return to practice Sunday afternoon at 4:15 (ET). Prior to that, the team will participate in Day for Kids at Disney Quest, an event that partners players with disadvantaged youths.