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On the road again

By  Olivia Jakiel, Wisconsin women's hockey

It seems as if we have quite the pattern going with this whole "lose-a-game-win-a-game" thing. I'm sure you are all frustrated, Badger Fans, but I can guarantee you that we are all about 10 times as irritated. Why is this happening? Luck of the draw? Or un-luck, perhaps? I think we just need to seriously buckle down and play like we did against Minnesota.

Enough of that. The past is in the past and all we can do is focus on the task at hand for this weekend: St. Cloud. Thursday marks the first bus trip of the season, which is always interesting. There's always a huge debate on the movies we watch. Here's my top five picks for this weekend: Twilight (in honor of the opening weekend of New Moon); The Proposal (so we can all drool over Ryan Reynolds); Step Brothers (as long as Greeney's daughter isn't on board like last year [but that's a whole different story]); Matilda (classic); and finally, because Kyla (Sanders) LOVES this movie (hint: sarcasm), Edward Scissorhands. I'm also looking forward to playing my Nintendo DS and jamming out to my newest playlist for the five-hour trip. I might even get some homework in if I have time.

I thought I'd add something a little different to the blog this week. I sat down and conducted a formal interview with Maria (Evans) about her thoughts on road trips, hockey, and life in general.

Olivia Jakiel: What's your favorite part about road trips?

Maria Evans
: Having the best times with my road roomie. We get along so well, it's like we're soul mates. We love to interpretive dance, watch and quote movies and have philosophical conversations late into the night. We also try to find the closest Starbucks, Caribou, or any coffee shop for that matter as soon as we get to the hotel.

OJ: Can you give a brief description of a typical day for the team and/or yourself when you're on the road?

ME: We usually have a pretty busy schedule: wake up, skate, eat, rest, eat, get ready, and go to the rink. There might be some time dedicated to homework somewhere in between all that, also.

OJ: What are your expectations for this weekend?

ME: I'm really excited to see my family and friends as well as see our team live up to our potential and beat St. Cloud. We need to come out hard and strong as soon as the puck drops. I'm excited to see how we respond and to see the type of performance we had last Friday carry over to this weekend.

OJ: This may be the most important question of them all: what movie do you think we should watch on the way to St. Cloud?

ME: I'm definitely lobbying for The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, but I wouldn't mind watching The Ugly Truth or Transformers 2 (shout out to Shia Le Beouf!)

Look for an update on how the weekend went next week as well as another interview with a fellow Badger!