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Monday never seemed so great

By Drew Hammen

The weekend has come and gone, with the dreaded Monday here again.  This past weekend, however, was extra special.  My family and I planned a surprise 50th birthday for my mother in Madison.  Being only a monotonous two-hour drive from my hometown of Random Lake, my mother comes to visit about twice a month.  She's kind enough to take me grocery shopping, out to eat, do my laundry, and, sometimes, clean my apartment.  You are probably thinking "Wow, what a Momma's Boy" or "What a great mother."  Both are very accurate.  I realize that my mother is unique, as most would not dare to even go into a bathroom in a college apartment occupied by three men, nonetheless clean it for an hour.
The cleaning was a part of the plan to lead up to the surprise birthday party, since my mother's typical visit is about two hours. This time, I had to keep her occupied for an additional three.  While my roommates and I enjoyed a Badger Football win (and while I attempted to study during the game), I was thinking of how else I could blow time.  However, any ideas I had were not needed, as she kept on finding more things to clean, which I was certainly not going to interrupt.

After the three or so hours of cleaning and grocery shopping, my mother was hinting about how I 'owe her one'.  The surprise of having 14 family members greet her at Brocach for a birthday dinner with a "Happy Half-Century" wish definitely made up for the cleaning.  It was great to see family I have not seen in a while, and reminds me of the people I love.  The weekend couldn't have been better, and despite the agonizing word 'Monday', I am ecstatic!

It's finally here!  The countless hours of training for the season since my last competition eight months ago will finally be put to test.  A day hasn't gone by without thinking about the last match of the season: a 3-0 loss for 7th place and a berth to NCAAs.  Whether it is when I'm training, in class or trying to sleep, I always think about that match, and how I will not let that happen again.  I believe all of our guys think about the last few matches of last season, and it drives us to push ourselves even more during workouts because we would rather feel the pain and fatigue in our body than in our mind and heart.

We will take that mindset and put it all out on the mat against Old Dominion.  I encourage you all to come and experience the first meet of the year on Friday night at the UW Field House.