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Maui 3: Aloha from Maui! (with photos)

1: 24 p.m. (Pacific) - Much ado about nothing. After nearly a two-hour delay out of Chicago and much consternation over whether or not we would miss our connecting flight to Maui, things worked out perfectly.

Somewhere over Utah we were notified that out connecting flight would be utilizing the exact same plane that we were on for the first leg of our trip. So we would land in San Francisco and have just enough time to jump off the plane, grab something to eat and then climb aboard again for Maui.

The only downside (if you can call it that) was that our layover was so brief that the guys didn't have time to recharge the batteries on their iPods, DVD players, etc. They'll survive.

1:44 p.m. (Pacific) - Wheels up on our way to Maui!

After showing Harry Potter and the Fresh Prince of Bel-aire or something like that on flight from Chicago to SF, the in-flight movie to Maui was an even more disappointing, "Julie and Julia"!?!?

Looking on the bright side, there would be no distraction for the Wisconsin coaching staff as they spent much of the time scouting the upcoming Maui Invite opponents. Associate head coach Greg Gard - who is working on the scouting report for Monday's opponent Arizona - burned through the battery on his DVD player and had to go to his back-up laptop before we even left San Francisco.

Assistant coaches Gary Close and Howard Moore were busy working on the advance scouting reports of the Badgers' potential second-round foes: Gonzaga or Colorado.

Coach Ryan spent much of the five-hour SF to Maui flight breaking down film of Arizona's game from this season. They are 2-0 on the year, having beaten Northern Arizona and Rice this season. When I stopped by his seat he was looking at the game vs. Rice from Thursday night (Arizona won 66-49). Our basketball office subscribes to just about every television channel you can imagine that airs games, so video director Matt Ryan was able to tape that game late Thursday night and have it edited down by the time our bus rolled out Friday morning at 4:30 a.m. No wonder Matt was able to sleep the entire flight.

Side note: Coach Ryan was assigned a seat in the middle of the plane. On the surface not a big a deal, but Coach ALWAYS sits in the very last row of the airplane. It didn't seem to bother him Friday, but he says the reason he likes to sit in the back is that, "he's never seen a plane crash into a mountain tail-first."

As for the players on the trip, this was pretty much the routine: sleep, movie, stretch, repeat, sleep, movie, stretch, repeat. The seats on our commercial flight aren't any different than the standard seats you would fly anywhere. They are uncomfortable for somebody like me who isn't even six-feet tall, let alone our seven-footers who pretzeled themselves like contortionists.

4:52 p.m. (Hawaiian) - Aloha! We made it to paradise. Being greeted off the plane by leis of fresh flowers is a pretty sweet way to know you're in Hawaii.

Over/under on number of times the joke "I got lei'd in Hawaii" was made was set at 31... I'm pretty sure we shattered that.

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