UW Health Sports Medicine 

Will, Want, Win

by Michele Dalton, women's soccer goalkeeper

There are very few words that can describe the emotion from the game last night. Everything, from the lights, the crowd, the bench, the entire game, is indescribable and only the people that were there will truly know what it felt like. For me, nothing to date in my life can compare to last night's victory.

Emotions and adrenaline were high through the entire 110 minutes of play. During the penalty kicks, they were raging! It could have gone either way. I knew as soon as I stepped left that I would make the final save... and that's just what happened. The rest is history.
I believe it's important for everyone to remember one thing. There were 10 other people on the field last night for the Badgers. People came off the bench and impacted the game. People were able to put emotions and doubt aside when they shot their penalty kicks. Everyone did their job last night. The offense got us an early lead, and the defense was able to hold off any major scoring opportunities for the majority of the game. When it was time for the shootout, it was my turn to do my job.

Last night was a team effort all the way around. Both the starters and bench impacted the game tremendously and Wisconsin was able to come out on top. Although I was the last person on the field to touch the ball, my role was miniscule compared to the battle our entire team faced last night. For 110 minutes, we battled, fought, and ended up conquering. The great thing about soccer is that you can look back at the game and know that we won as a team. Every single person deserves to advance after that game. It wasn't just the shooters, or myself for making the final save. WE did it. And WE have another challenge ahead of us.

Sunday is going to be another battle. It will be the TEAM that is able to battle the entire game that will come out on top. I'm confident that Wisconsin has the ability to be that team. Together, we can accomplish amazing feats. Our determination will be put to the test Sunday, but I'm confident we are up to the challenge. On Wisconsin!