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Off Day

After practicing for nine days straight, the Wisconsin men's basketball team is enjoying a day off today. The team's typical off day is on Sunday, but with the Red-White scrimmage this past Sunday, the team had to alter it's plans. NCAA rules mandate that the team has to take at least one day off per calender week, which runs Sunday to Saturday.

Coach Ryan told the guys to use the day to get off their feet and rest any nicks that they may have gotten over the last few days and work on their studies. So far (typed while knocking on every piece of wood I can find) the team has been pretty healthy in the early going. There have been a few rolled ankles and black eyes, but nothing that has kept anyone out of practice.

Yesterday, the Badgers didn't do any full-court five-on-five work, it was more situational offense and defense. The team did a lot of 4-on-3 or 3-on-2 work, breaking down how to attack zone defenses. With Michigan and Northwestern playing trapping 1-3-1 defenses, it doesn't hurt to start preparing for everything early.

Perhaps the most entertaining part of Tuesday's practice was the final drill. The team divided up into pairs of equal-sized players (Hughes and Taylor, Nankivil and Leuer, etc.) and practiced finishing on run-outs. The defensive player would pass the ball ahead to the attacking player, then try to recover and prevent the score. The offensively player had about a two-step lead, so the drill focused on finishing at full speed and also trying to recover and make a block on the defensive end. A big Ryan Evans block and a few Keaton Nankivil dunks highlighted the action.

The guys will be back on the court tomorrow afternoon as we're officially one week away from the first exhibition game vs. Bemidji State on Nov. 4. Tip off is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Kohl Center.