UW Health Sports Medicine 

Every Second Counts

By Drew Hammen
Two weekends ago, the Wisconsin Wrestling Mother, Sandy Berndt (who is the program assistant for the wrestling team), was kind enough to put together a meal for our team at her place.  We all brought a dish for the feast and enjoyed some college football.  The gathering was definitely a success and I know everyone is looking forward to the upcoming season and our intra-squad scrimmage on October 29th.

As the season creeps near, with approximately one month from our home dual meet versus Old Dominion, I realize that this is the last wrestling preseason I will endure as a competitor. Going back to my freshman year, when I weighed a measly 118 lbs, I remember all of the hills, stadium steps, buddy carries, and early morning circuit lifts. I used to be one of the worst runners on the team, and one of the weakest in strength training. Now, I finish in the top two of every run and have great strength and technique during our lifts. It's amazing how our program has developed me into the athlete and person I am today. All of the bumps and bruises during the first couple years make you want to get up and fight for what you deserve. I use that mentality to push myself in every practice and put in countless hours into extra workouts, to earn what I want to achieve: a National Title.

Last week, Donny Pritzlaff asked us what our goal was this year. The only response was clear and simple: to be a national champion. This is the mentality we are engraving in our team and our program. We are training to be the best this year and we will not wait until next season. Even the freshmen are carrying this mentality. We are buying into everything our coaches are feeding us, which is exactly what you need to build a program of unity and success. We will not accept anything less than being the best. Our motto is "Every Second Counts," and that is exactly how we are training.