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In-Stadium signage at Camp Randall Stadium and the Kohl Center offers one of the most effective forms of advertising during Badger events. It allows the delivery of repetitive exposure to nearly one million fans annually at Badger events generating high impact and high recall. This is truly a great way to communicate your message to a large, captive and excited audience. Wisconsin in-stadium signage is uncluttered and creates a clear tie-in between your brand(s) and the Badgers. In-stadium signage receives exposure on local and regional Badger telecasts, as well as numerous impressions on national sports highlight shows, news broadcasts, still photographs and internet sites. UW Athletics

Main Videoboard Signage
Fans in the stands as well as millions more watching the Badgers on television will be exposed to your company's brand on our main videoboard. These signs are located in an ideal position within our stadiums and draw the attention of all our fans.

The videoboard at Camp Randall Stadium consists of static and digital signage. Four permanent static signs are located across the bottom of the videoboard. In addition, there are digital wings located on either side of the videoboard that feature branding messages. During game action, the tri-logos appear on the digital videoboard. The Kohl Center consists of permanent corner signage and ring signage.

  • Camp Randall Stadium Static: 22' x 20'
  • Camp Randall Stadium Digital Wings: 22' x 29'
  • Camp Randall Stadium Digital Tri-Logo: 14' x 14'
  • Kohl Center Static Corner: 6' x 3'2"
  • Kohl Center Static Ring: 1'8" x 4'8"
UW Athletics
Video Board

Auxiliary Videoboard Signage
Badger fans in Camp Randall Stadium have the option of viewing two large videoboards. The auxiliary videoboard, located in the southwest corner, offers companies the opportunity to expose their brand to 80,000 fans per game.

The videoboard at Camp Randall Stadium consists of four static signs.

  • Camp Randall Stadium Static: 9' x 9'
UW Athletics
Auxiliary Board
Ribbon Board Signage
The ribbon board signage adds to the excitement at Camp Randall Stadium and the Kohl Center and offers a dynamic fan enhancement. Your company logo and message will catch fans' attention during clients' moments of exclusivity of digital messaging. This signage allows clients the flexibility to easily change messages at any time based on their branding or sales objectives.
  • Camp Randall Stadium Digital Fascia: 4,000 pixels x 72 pixels
  • Kohl Center Digital Ring Beam: 360 degrees
UW Athletics
Ribbon Board
Digital Tunnel Signage
The digital tunnel signage at Camp Randall Stadium and the Kohl Center allow for your company logo and message to be seen by fans in-stadium and on television.
  • Camp Randall Stadium Digital Tunnels: 25' x 6'
  • Kohl Center Digital Tunnels: 8' x 2'
UW Athletics
Digital Tunnel
Other Signage
Camp Randall Stadium and the Kohl Center offer other opportunities for clients looking to brand their message in our facilities. Whether it's on the field/court, in our concourses, or outside our stadium, our signage opportunities are vast and will satisfy unique objectives.
UW Athletics

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