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28 Things to Improve Your Experience

Wisconsin Athletic Department Response to Fan Survey

Each year UW Athletics asks Badger fans for feedback regarding their experiences in and around our athletic venues. We’re taking this opportunity to respond to some of that feedback, as well as talk about some new initiatives that will enhance the gameday experience at Camp Randall Stadium this fall. We’ll unveil a new initiative each day as we approach the beginning of the season. There are no greater fans in the world than Badger fans. We appreciate the feedback!

28 Things Day One
  1. Added LED Boards to the West and East Side of the Stadium
 Four new LED boards have been added to Camp Randall Stadium this off season. They are located on the east and west side of the stadium from goal line to goal line and above the southwest field ramp and Bucky’s Locker Room Patio. They will display the score, statistics, out-of-town scores and much more.
28 Things Day 2
  2. Former Badger and Packer Mark Tauscher joining the radio team
 Mark Tauscher, who starred as an offensive lineman for the Badger football team, as well as the Green Bay Packers, will join Matt Lepay and Mike Lucas in the radio booth for five Badger home games this season. Mark’s knowledge, expertise and personality will be a great addition for those listening to Wisconsin football on the radio.
28 Things Day 3
  3. New Fan Incident Texting Program
 a. The fan code of conduct has been enhanced with an option for fans to use their mobile phones to alert security via text message to behavior that detracts from a positive gameday experience. The numbers will be visible throughout the stadium, including on signage in the stadium bowl and at all concession stands. Announcements also will be made in-stadium. Fans are instructed to text the word "Badger,” the conduct violation and their exact stadium location to the number 69050.
28 Things Day 4
  4. Bike Valet Program
 This service is provided on site by the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin using Saris racks. The valet is open two hours before each home football game up to one hour after the end of the game. There is no charge to use the valet. Bicyclists simply ride up to the valet, receive a claim ticket, and leave their bike in good hands with valet supervisors. No longer will bicyclists have to lock to trees, poles or find other creative ways of securing their bike. The Bicycle Parking Valet is protected and convenient. The Bicycle Parking Valet is located southeast of the stadium on the Missing Link Path. The valet is along the path behind the UW Credit Union on Monroe Street.
28 Things Day 5
  5. New Turf
 The new Field Turf was installed at Camp Randall this off season. This was done to improve the playing surface for the Badger football team and to enhance the quality of appearance of the turf and stadium to fans at Camp Randall and to those watching on television.
28 Things Day 6
  6. Upgraded concourse TV’s to flat screens
 All concourse TV’s have received a face lift this off season. All televisions on the concourse at Camp Randall Stadium have been switched from the older box style televisions to flat screens to enhance our fan experience.
28 Things Day 7
  7. Created Camp Randall Gameday App
 The University of Wisconsin Athletic Department has created a FREE Gameday App for Camp Randall. Enhance your gameday experience by catching all the breaking news, including alerts. Follow in-game blogs and carry the depth charts with you to the game. Use the handy interactive Camp Randall Stadium map to find a variety of things or get walking or driving directions by using the UW Campus Map. You can even send us your gameday photo and see yourself on the videoboard!
28 Things Day 8
  8. Increase pedestrian walk-way outside the north end of the stadium
 The pedestrian walk-way on the north end of Camp Randall Stadium, near Gate 5, has always been a crowded and congested area. With the Student Athlete Performance Center under construction, the UW Athletics was able to extend the walking path from Breese Terrace to Ramp 17 by approximately 15 yards to relieve that congestion, making it easier for fans to move around on the north side of Camp Randall.
28 Things Day 9
  9. Added additional porta-potties to numerous parking lots
 Numerous parking lots around Camp Randall will receive additional porta potties, making lines less congested and easier to find for fans who are tailgating.
28 Things Day 10
  10. Added additional paper towel dispensers to all restrooms
 The number of paper towel dispensers in the restrooms at Camp Randall have doubled. This will help to alleviate paper towels running out during the game.
28 Things Day 11
  11. Improved programming at Badgerville
 The second year of Badgerville will feature great entertainment including music, an appearance by members of the UW Band and autographs from current UW student-athletes as well as all-time Badger greats. There will also be activities for kids, including inflatable games.
28 Things Day 12
  12. Added barriers to protect the seating area on the 5th Level
 The 5th level accessible seating area is reserved for those fans with accessibility and mobility needs. This year the Wisconsin Athletic Department will be using tensa barriers to better divide and protect their seating locations from the concourse that is directly behind them.
28 Things Day 13
  13. Created new cross aisle in the student section for better crowd movement
 The cross aisles were added into the student section to enhance the flow of the crowd both in and out of Camp Randall Stadium. They were also added to increase the safety of those sitting in the student section.
28 Things Day 14
  14. Increased the number of accessible shuttles
 Due to the demand for the Guest Services Accessible Shuttle Program, a ninth shuttle has been added to Gameday to assist our fans who use this service.
28 Things Day 15
  15. All New Recycling and Sustainability Program
 “Be a Waste Eliminator” and the “BE THE WE” campaign is a joint partnership between UW Athletics and the Office of Recycling and Sustainability on the UW-Madison campus. The campaign will kick off with our football season opener at Camp Randall Stadium. Student organization volunteers will become educational ambassadors before and during the game to encourage proper recycling as well as decontaminate garbage bins that have recyclable products in them. With more than 150 garbage and recycling stations within the stadium proper, there will be all new signage branding this campaign as well as educating the fans on how the We Conserve mission can be an effective way to protect the environment in which we live.
28 Things Day 16
  16. Added signage to the South End zone concourse so fans can more easily find their seats
 New way-finding signage has been added to the South End zone so that fans can better navigate this section of the stadium and find their seats more easily.
28 Things Day 17
  17. Added cup holders to all accessible seating locations
 All accessible seats on the 5th level of Camp Randall and also in the south end zone are now equipped with cup holders. This was done to enhance the experience of our guests in these accessible seating locations.
28 Things Day 18
  18. Added historical recognition signage to the east façade showing Rose Bowl appearances, Big Ten championships and retired numbers
 Graphics have been added to the east side of Camp Randall Stadium, on the facing of the suites, to represent the tradition and excellence of Wisconsin football. These new graphics show all the Big Ten championship years, Rose Bowl appearances and retired numbers.
28 Things Day 19
  19. Better trained ushers
 Our ushers have gone through more extensive training to better prepare them for the questions that will arise on the gameday.
28 Things Day 20
  20. Added link to football gameday page at uwbadgers.com
 The football gameday page on uwbadgers.com that was created last year to provide fans with all their gameday information, printable maps and information to bring with them to Camp Randall has been added to the main page at uwbadgers.com so that fans can more easily find and utilize this page.
28 Things Day 21
  21. New shuttle pick-up procedures
 Shuttles that drop-off and pick-up on Monroe Street have always had the challenge of informing their guests where they will pick them up post-game. The UW Athletic Department has teamed up with local bus companies to develop a procedure so that guests and buses will know where and when their shuttle will be picking them up on Monroe Street.
28 Things Day 22
  22. Add WIAC Scores to the score updates
 As part of the UW System, the University of Wisconsin Athletic Department feels it is important to support our fellow state schools. Scores from all eight teams that compete in the WIAC will be posted on the Camp Randall Video board during Badger football games.
28 Things Day 23
  23. New ticket scanners at gates
 New ticket scanners were purchased for the gates to replace some of the aging scanners. This will enhance the ticket-taking procedure and hopefully eliminate any technical problems, therefore speeding up the process to get your ticket scanned.
28 Things Day 24
  24. Changed Fan Information Guide to include football calendar
 The Football Fan Information Guide for 2012 includes a full year Wisconsin football calendar.
28 Things Day 25
  25. Added Twitter board to new LED Scoreboards
 On the new LED boards in the stadium a Twitter board was added so that fans can tweet with the hashtag #badgers. Selected tweets will be displayed during games.
28 Things Day 26
  26. Commemorative style season tickets
 You will notice a change in how your season ticket looks this year. The UW Athletic Department has changed the size, look, and design of season tickets to make them more commemorative for each game. They will be larger and have the visiting team logo on each ticket, as well as a photo of one of your favorite Badger football players.
28 Things Day 27
  27. Increased value in program coupons.
 This year the National W Club, which publishes the gameday programs, will be offering more the $700 worth of coupons in the publication that is sold at Camp Randall.
28 Things Day 28
  28. Including Fans in the Montee Ball for Heisman Campaign
 The University of Wisconsin Athletic Department has given our fans the opportunity to help persuade the Heisman Trophy voters to select Wisconsin running back Montee Ball in 2012. Fans can tweet with the hashtag #ThisFallBelongstoBall or visit the Montee Ball for Heisman Facebook page.
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