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Tutoring Policies

All tutor and mentor meetings must take place in the McClain Fetzer Center or the Kohl Fetzer Center.

Academic Services offers drop-in group tutoring and individual tutoring.

How to Schedule an Individual Tutor

Please use one of the following two methods to request a tutor:

1. Use myuwbadgers.com
a) Go to myuwbadgers.com and log in using your username and password
b) Click on the "Academic Services" link on the left side of the page.
c) Select the course you wish to request a tutor for from the drop down box and click the "Request Tutor" button.
d) Please check your Wiscmail (wisc.edu) account for your tutor assignment(s). The email will come from the Office of Academic Services. The subject line will read, "Tutor Assignment Information."
e) To request another tutor, repeat steps 2 and 3.

2. Visit your academic advisor in person

If you want to request a specific tutor, please send an email directly to your Athletic Department Academic Advisor or visit your advisor in person. Keep in mind that specific tutor requests may not be granted if the specific tutor is full or is not qualified to tutor your course.

Drop - In Group Tutoring
At the beginning of the semester, student-athletes will receive an e-mail containing the drop-in group tutor schedule. The drop - in group tutor schedule will also be posted on the McClain Fetzer Center bulletin board.

You do not need to formally request a tutor using the tutor request procedure; simply go to the appropriate room at the posted time.

During group tutor sessions, tutors will review course material and answer students' questions. Historically, drop-in group tutoring is offered for elementary and intermediate level math, science, and foreign language courses. A writing center is also available for students in need of help with papers. Upper level courses are not supported with group tutoring.

What happens during tutor sessions?
It is your responsibility to show up to your tutor session on time and prepared with relevant course materials. Materials include pens, pencils, course packets, textbooks, notebooks, and course syllabi. If you show up to a tutor session unprepared, your tutor may cancel your session.

During your tutor session, you and your tutor will discuss your academic performance, course grades, exam/quiz grades, and other academic concerns, including how to improve your academic performance in the course with which you need help.

Your tutor is not a replacement for your course instructor or teaching assistant (TA). Tutoring is supplementary support.

Can I change tutors?
Yes, you can request a new tutor if your current tutor cannot accommodate your schedule or your current tutor does not fit your learning style. Keep in mind that it may take several sessions to feel comfortable with a tutor. If, after 3-5 sessions, you feel you need a new tutor, contact your academic advisor.

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