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Tutor Hiring Process

The Office of Academic Services at the University of Wisconsinís Division of Intercollegiate Athletics welcomes undergraduate students, graduate students and college graduates to apply for tutor positions. Current, former, and/or retired educators will be given special consideration.

We are ALWAYS open to accepting applications for highly motivated, mature, excellent tutors. Prospective tutors are encouraged to apply at any time. There is continuous need for tutors in the areas of math, science, economics, engineering, and business. We also encourage those with a focus outside of those areas to apply.

To be considered for a tutor position with the Office of Academic Services, please submit the following items to the tutor coordinator:

  • An updated resume that includes employment and experiences that directly relate to tutoring (do not send a curriculum vitae).
  • Letter of recommendation from a professional source, preferably a professor. The recommendation can be sent electronically directly to the tutorial coordinator on official departmental letterhead from a professional and should speak to the tutorís ability to teach, grasp/understanding of the course concepts/material, and relate to others in a teaching environment.
  • Unofficial copies of your undergraduate transcripts and graduate transcripts (if applicable).
  • A list of classes that you know you can confidently tutor with little or no preparation. Use UWís online Course Guide to assist you in creating a list of courses.
  • Your availability during the week. Most tutoring occurs Sunday through Thursday in the evenings from 6-10pm after student-athletes finish practice.
  • An average time range for the number of hours you can tutor in a given week. We prefer tutors work an average of 6 hours a week. The limit for a week is 24 hours.
  • These items may be submitted electronically to Mike Jacoby at amj@athletics.wisc.edu. If you choose to mail these items, please send them to:

Mike Jacoby
Tutorial Coordinator
University of Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletics, Kellner Hall
Fetzer Center for Student-Athlete Excellence
1440 Monroe Street
Madison, WI 53711

*Please note that the University of Wisconsin performs criminal background checks on all new employees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the qualifications to become a tutor and our expectations of a tutoring candidate?

  • Potential tutors should possess a four year degree or currently be enrolled in a four year college or university (we prefer tutors who have taken classes at UW-Madison or those who have an advanced degree from another university).
  • Tutors should be highly motivated to teach and capable of interacting with student-athletes possessing a wide range of abilities, motivation, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Tutors are expected to have an exceptional understanding of course concepts and have the ability to teach those who may have a different learning style.
  • We carefully analyze college transcripts and expect exceptional grades, and a letter of recommendation from a professional who can speak to your ability to tutor/teach.
  • We prefer previous tutoring, teaching, mentoring backgrounds, but previous experience is not required.
  • Undergraduates who are in his or her senior year. Juniors with exceptional tutoring experience and grades may be considered.
  • Graduate student and/or students in graduate school are highly desired.
  • Tutor candidates who are not currently participating in intercollegiate sports at the University of Wisconsin.

Is there a limit on the number of hours I can work in a week? How many hours a week can I tutor?

The number of hours a tutor can work in a week is capped at 24 hours. Tutorís hours are flexible and are determined by the tutor, depend on a tutorís availability, the tutoring demand for the courses he/she can tutor, and the number of courses tutored. University of Wisconsin PAís and or TAís may be limited to a percentage of weekly hours worked based his/her assignment. Those appointments are usually 50% or 20 hours of work/tutoring a week.

How much do you pay tutors?

Tutors are paid between $15 and $20 per hour. The pay rate is determined by the tutor's level of education. For example, a tutor with a graduate degree or currently enrolled in a graduate program will earn more than a tutor with an undergraduate degree. The pay rate for group tutoring, 2 or more students, is more than the individual pay rate.

What is the hiring process for tutors? How long before I can begin tutoring?

The length of the hiring process depends on how quickly prospective tutors complete and deliver the application materials listed above. After screening each application, prospective tutors will interview with the Tutorial Coordinator. If a prospective tutor is hired the next step is to complete hiring paperwork and pass a background check. Training/orientation follows. Afterwards tutors must pass an online Tutor Compliance Quiz. The entire process can take 3-5 weeks.

What forms of ID do I need to become a tutor?

When you submit your hiring paperwork to the Tutorial Coordinator, please bring the following forms of identification. We will photocopy your identification. Please do not bring photocopies with you.
Option 1: Current driver's license AND original social security card
Option 2: Current United States passport
Option 3: Current foreign passport AND I-20 visa (for non-residents)

I went to school somewhere else - can I tutor classes here?

Yes, as long as you have a four year degree. When submitting your list of UW classes with your application materials, it is imperative that you know you can confidently tutor those classes with little or no preparation. Use UWís online Course Guide to assist you in creating a list of courses.

When are timecards due?

Timecards are due bi-weekly. Tutors are paid twice a month through direct deposit. See the pay schedule in the Tutor Handbook.

What if I fail to turn in my timecard on time?

If you fail to submit your timecard on time itís possible that your pay check will delayed until the next pay period.

Can I get paid retroactively?

If you submit your hours after the deadline, the pay will be distributed to you during the following pay period.

Can I tutor student-athletes anywhere on campus?

No. We require all tutor sessions to occur at the Fetzer Centers. Please contact the Tutorial Coordinator if you feel there is a reason to meet outside of the two Fetzer Centers.

Do you need tutors during the summer?

Yes. Tutors are utilized during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. During the Summer semester, student demand for tutors is less than Fall and Spring.

How long is the computer lab open?

Computer labs are open during the regular hours of the Fetzer Centers.

Where do I park?

There is no parking specifically for tutors. If you are tutoring at the Fetzer Center in Camp Randall stadium, Lot 17, the parking garage located next to Camp Randall stadium, is free after 4:30PM on weekdays and on non-event weekends. If tutoring at the Kohl Fetzer Center, tutors should use meter parking located on Dayton Street.

Do I get a parking permit?

UW Athletics does not provide parking passes to tutors.

Do I get tickets to athletics events?

No. If you would like to purchase tickets, please visit the ticket office at 1440 Monroe Street.

Can I print for free?

Only printing for tutoring purposes is available at the Fetzer Centers.

What if I need to copy a book?

There is a photocopy machine available at both Fetzer Centers. It is free for academically related services such as copying book pages or class notes.

Can I have a copy of a student-athlete's textbook?

We do not keep extra copies of textbooks on hand. If you need a textbook, please contact the Tutorial Coordinator. We usually do not buy tutors textbooks. We hire tutors based on his/her knowledge of subject and expect tutors to have a firm grasp of the concepts. Tutors may refer to a student-athleteís text and course materials.

Do I get books for free?

Yes. But that is an exception and not a given. UW Athletics may purchases textbooks for tutors to use on a case-by-case basis. At the end of each semester, tutors must return their textbooks to the Tutorial Coordinator.

What if a student-athlete doesn't show up for a tutoring session?

First, check to see if the student-athlete tried to contact you via phone or email to cancel the tutoring session. If not, try calling the student. If you are not able to reach the student, wait for 30 minutes. You are entitled to be paid for your time. See the Tutor Handbook for the Student-Athlete Tutor Appointment Cancellation Policy.

What if I cannot make it to a tutoring session?

Please notify the student-athlete immediately. Call the student first and leave a message if the student does not answer the phone. It is also a good idea to send an email to the student. We expect tutors and student-athletes to provide advance notice to cancel an appointment. See the Tutor Handbook for the Student-Athlete Tutor Appointment Cancellation Policy. This policy also applies to tutors.

What if a student-athlete wants me to tutor her in a class that I'm unfamiliar?

If you do not feel comfortable assisting someone for a specific class, please share this with the student-athlete and the Tutorial Coordinator. A new tutor will be found for the student-athlete.

Where do I get my paycheck?

Paychecks are deposited electronically through direct deposit.

Can I contact a student-athlete's instructor?

No, tutors may not contact course instructors directly for any reason. If you have questions about a class or need clarification on in-class instructions, please contact the Tutorial Coordinator for assistance.

What if I miss a tutoring appointment?

If you miss a tutoring appointment, please contact both the student-athlete and Tutorial Coordinator immediately. If unexcused tutor absences become a pattern the tutor will meet with the Tutorial Coordinator and may be deactivated from tutoring.

How does "prep time" work?

Sometimes, in rare occurrences tutors may need extra time to review a student-athlete's course material or prepare notes. This is understandable; however prep time cannot be compensated unless the tutor contacts the Tutorial Coordinator for prior approval.

How much prep time can I put on my timecard?

Please contact the Tutorial Coordinator in advance to get permission for prep time.

Who is the academic advisor for the student-athlete I am tutoring?

Each student-athlete is assigned an athletics academic advisor. The Tutorial Coordinator can provide you with the student-athlete's advisor.

What if the student-athlete is not prepared for the tutoring session?

Work with any available notes or resources for the current tutoring session, and note the student-athlete's lack of preparedness on the tutor session report. This will help communicate the student-athlete's situation to the academic advising staff.

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