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Big Ten Medal of HonorIn 1914, the Conference endowed a Medal of Honor, to be awarded annually at each institution, to a student in the graduating class that has demonstrated proficiency in scholarship and athletics. The recipients in 1964 were 50th Anniversary winners of the Medal of Honor. Beginning in 1982, a senior woman athlete from each institution has also been awarded the Conference Medal of Honor.

 Big Ten Medal of Honor Recipients
 2015  Drew teDuits, Swimming
   Kimberly Dinh, Golf
 2014  Reed Connor, Cross Country, Track and Field
   Mary Massei, Softball
 2013  Elliot Krause, Cross Country, Track and Field
   Kendall Schmidt, Rowing
 2012  Peter Konz, Football
   Laurie Nosbusch, Soccer
 2011  Gabe Carimi, Football
   Maggie Meyer, Swimming
 2010  Jack Bolas, Track and Field
   Chavon Robinson, Track and Field
 2009  Joe Krabbenhoft, Basketball
   Gwen Jorgensen, Track and Field
 2008  Adam Barhamand, Rowing
   Katrina Rundhaug, Cross Country, Track and Field
 2007  Joe Thomas, Football
   Sara Bauer, Ice Hockey
 2006  Nathan Brown, Track and Field
   Jessica Ring, Soccer
 2005  Jim Leonhard, Football
   Carla MacLeod, Ice Hockey
 2004  Ryan Tremelling, Track and Field
   Morgan Shields, Volleyball
 2003  Kirk Penney, Basketball
   Erin Byrd, Volleyball
 2002  Danny Westerman, Tennis
   Andrea Wanezek, Swimming
 2001  Mike Kelley, Basketball
   Allie Blomquist, Golf
 2000  Jay Schoenfelder, Cross Country, Track and Field
   Gina Panighetti, Swimming
 1999  Brian Doherty, Soccer
   Shannon Brown, Soccer
 1998  Erik Raygor, Hockey
   Katie Voigt, Basketball
 1997  Alastair Steel, Soccer
   Kathy Butler, Cross Country, Track and Field
 1996  Scott Lamphear, Soccer
   Lauren Gavaris, Tennis
 1995  Jeff Gold, Soccer
   Dana Tzakis, Golf
 1994  Louis Hinshaw, Track and Field
   Susie Holt, Soccer
 1993  Donovan Bergstrom, Track and Field
   Kim Sherman, Cross Country, Track and Field
 1992  Matt Demaray, Wrestling
   Heather Taggart, Soccer
 1991  Jack Waite, Tennis
   Elaine Demetroulis, Tennis
 1990  John Byce, Hockey
   Susan Temple, Volleyball
 1989  Dave Lee, Wrestling
   Maureen Hartzheim, Cross Country, Track and Field
 1988  Paul Gruber, Football
   Chris Gilles, Tennis
 1987  J. J. Weber, Basketball
   Amy Justeson, Swimming
 1986  Tim Hacker, Cross Country, Track and Field
   Lisa Fortman, Tennis
 1985  John Easker, Cross Country, Track and Field
   Cathy Branta, Cross Country, Track and Field
 1984  John Johannson, Hockey
   Janet Huff, Basketball
 1983  David Farley, Golf
   Rose Thomson, Cross Country, Track and Field
 1982  David Mohapp, Football
   Ann French, Badminton
 1981  David C. Goodspeed, Wrestling
 1980  Thomas G. Stauss, Football
 1979  Steve Lacy, Cross Country, Track and Field
 1978  Michael Eaves, Hockey
 1977  Peter W. Brey, Basketball
 1976  Patrick J. Christensen, Wrestling
 1975  James R. Dyreby, Jr., Rowing
 1974  Gary D. Anderson, Basketball
 1973  Keith D. Nosbusch, Football
 1972  Pat Matzdorf, Track and Field
 1971  Don Vandrey, Track and Field
 1970  Douglas R. McFadyen, Hockey
 1969  Karl Rudat, Football
 1968  Michael Gluck, Wrestling
 1967  Dennis J. Sweeney, Baseball
 1966  David N. Fronek, Football
 1965  Gary V. Kirk, Tennis
 1964  William R. Smith, Track and Field
 1963  Hugh V. (Pat) Richter, Baseball, Basketball, Football
 1962  Thomas M. Hughbanks, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track and Field
 1961  Gerald L. Kulcinski, Football
 1960  Dale L. Hackbart, Football
 1959  John R. Hobbs, Basketball, Football, Track and Field
 1958  Walter V. (Bunk) Holt, Baseball, Basketball
 1957  Patrick J. Levenhagen, Football
 1956  Robert E. Konovsky, Football, Wrestling
 1955  Richard W. Cable, Basketball
 1954  Norbert J. Esser, Basketball, Football, Track and Field
 1953  James T. Moran, Football, Rowing
 1952  Walter E. Deike, Cross Country, Track and Field
 1951  David Staiger, Track and Field, Football
 1950  Robert J. Wilson, Football
 1949  Donald R. Peterson, Rowing
 1948  Carlyle Fay, Jr., Rowing
 1947  Exner Menzel, Basketball
 1946  Jerry Thompson, Football
 1945  Ken Chandler, Track and Field
 1944  Edward M. Dzirbik, Wrestling
 1943  Frederick R. Rehm, Basketball
 1942  Burleigh E. Jacobs, Golf
 1941  Kenneth E. Bixby, Baseball
 1940  Ralph H. Moeller, Football
 1939  Walter I. Bietila, Baseball
 1938  Charles H. Fenske, Cross Country, Track and Field
 1937  Leonard L. Lovshin, Football
 1936  Howard Thurston Heun, Rowing
 1935  Rolf Falk Poser, Basketball
 1934  Robert A. Schiller, Wrestling
 1933  Nello Anthony Pacetti, Football
 1932  Harvey H. Schneider, Basketball
 1931  Louis E. Oberdeck, Rowing
 1930  Donald W. Meikeljohn, Tennis
 1929  Theodore A. Thelander, Baseball, Basketball, Football
 1928  Louis Behr, Basketball
 1927  Jefferson DeMent Burrus, Rowing
 1926  Stephen H. Polaski, Football
 1925  Lloyd Valley, Cross Country, Track and Field
 1924  Harold J. Bentson, Rowing
 1923  Gustave K. Tebell, Baseball, Basketball, Football
 1922  George Bunge, Football
 1921  Allan C. Davey, Football
 1920  Anthony G. Zulfer, Baseball, Basketball
 1919  Charles H. Carpenter, Football
 1918  Ebert Edward Simpson, Jr., Football
 1917  Mead Burke, Track and Field
 1916  William Dow Harvey, Track and Field
 1915  Martin Thomas Kennedy, Rowing

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