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Chi Alpha Sigma is a nonprofit organization established to recognize college student athletes who earn a varsity letter in at least one sport while maintaining a 3.4 or higher cumulative GPA throughout their junior and senior years.

The governing board represents all levels of competition in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

Chi Alpha Sigma's purposes are as follows:

To encourage and reward high academic scholarship of college athletes at four-year accredited colleges and universities. To recognize outstanding academic achievement by intercollegiate varsity letter winners. To encourage good citizenship, moral character, and friendship among the high academic achievers in college athletics. To recognize and honor the individual athlete, his/her team, sport, athletic department, and college or university. To mentor and to provide leadership to other athletes.

Chi Alpha Sigma Award Winners

Year First Name Last Name Sport
2014-15 George Perrett Men's Rowing
  Zachary Ruedinger Men's Rowing
  Joe McAsey Men's Cross Country
  Malachy Schrobilgen Men's Cross Country
  Aidan Cavallini Men's Hockey
  Adam Miller Men's Hockey
  Anders Kristensen Men's Soccer
  Adam Lauko Men's Soccer
  Nicholas Caldwell Men's Swimming and Diving
  Harrison Tran Men's Swimming and Diving
  Sophie Carr Women's Rowing
  Audrey Dalgarno Women's Rowing
  Molly Donnellan Women's Rowing
  Tenzin Khangkar Women's Rowing
  Amanda Morris Women's Rowing
  Megan Perinovic Women's Rowing
  Helena Randle Women's Rowing
  Catherine Rosoff Women's Rowing
  Pamela Schommer Women's Rowing
  Lara Tiramani Women's Rowing
  Molly Hanson Women's Cross Country
  Grace Meurer Women's Cross Country
  Madeline Timm Women's Cross Country
  Ann-Renee Desbiens Women's Hockey
  Megan Miller Women's Hockey
  Jennifer Ryan Women's Hockey
  Marisa Kresge Women's Soccer
  Molly Laufenberg Women's Soccer
  McKenna Meuer Women's Soccer
  Taylor Stewart Softball
  Jennah Haney Women's Swimming and Diving
  Madeline Hazle Women's Swimming and Diving
  Caroline Palm Women's Swimming and Diving
  Aja Van Hout Women's Swimming and Diving
  Lauren Chypyha Women's Tennis
  Franchesca Morris Women's Track & Field
2013-14 William Bleifuss Men's Rowing
  Travis Breunig Men's Rowing
  Charles Clapp IV Men's Rowing
  Logan Hietpas Men's Rowing
  Beau Batty Men's Rowing
  Marcus Trotter Football
  Daniel Voltz Football
  Jacob Brindle Men's Soccer
  Michael Sinha Men's Tennis
  Andrew Brekke Men's Track
  Reed Connor Men's Track
  William Ottow Men's Track
  Brett Hochstaetter Wrestling
  Connor Medbery Wrestling
  Ann Marie Brown Women's Basketball
  Rachel Gendreau Women's Rowing
  Nicole Hettmann Women's Rowing
  Kristine Kammers Women's Rowing
  Gretchen Miron Women's Rowing
  Brianna Murphy Women's Rowing
  Paige Resch Women's Rowing
  Alessandra Ruenger Women's Rowing
  Elizabeth Schoenfeldt Women's Rowing
  Anne Gregory Women's Cross Country
  Rachel McNally Women's Cross Country
  Erin Rosewicz Women's Cross Country
  Elizabeth Sequin Women's Cross Country
  Dana Steffen Women's Cross Country
  Rebecca Stoebe Women's Cross Country
  Abby Busler Women's Golf
  Kathryn Josephs Women's Ice Hockey
  Gabrielle Anzalone Women's Cross Country
  Jaclyn Gellings Women's Soccer
  Carly Vogel Women's Soccer
  Megan Tancill Softball
  Maria Van Abel Softball
  Ivy Martin Women's Swimming
  Rebecka Palm Women's Swimming
  Brianna Bower Women's Track
  Taylor Kirby Women's Track
  Katelyn Malcore Women's Track
  Emmon Rogers Women's Track
  Marissa Savitch Women's Track
  Abbie Weigel Women's Track
2012-13 Kyle Anderson Men's Rowing
  Natalie Berg Women's Ice Hockey
  William Bertha Men's Tennis
  Ashley Beutler Women's Cross Country
  Joana Bielefeld Women's Soccer
  Liga Blyholder Women's Cross Country
  Kimberly Dinh Women's Golf
  Elizabeth Duxbury Women's Track
  Crystal Graff Volleyball
  Gavin Hartzog Men's Ice Hockey
  Maxwell Jentsch Men's Soccer
  Thomas Kelliher Wrestling
  Jacquelyn Koykkar Women's Rowing
  Nicole La Petina Women's Soccer
  Gillian Lapadat Women's Rowing
  Deanna Latham Women's Track
  Scott Liegel Men's Wrestling
  Abby Lueck Women's Track
  Laura McGinnis Women's Track
  James Mcguire Football
  Christopher Meyer Men's Golf
  Elle Ohlander Volleyball
  Lauren Pietila Women's Rowing
  Derek Pitts Men's Soccer
  Kevin Ripley Men's Rowing
  Theresa Selestow Women's Cross Country
  Joseph Tennyson Men's Soccer
  Michael Trotter Football
  Michael Van Voorhis Men's Cross Country
2011-12 Helen Beckner Women's Rowing
  Michael Brice Men's Cross Country
  Constance Chucholowski Women's Rowing
  Lindsay Danielson Women's Golf
  Lisa Godhardt Women's Rowing
  Lauren Gruber Women's Tennis
  Lindsey Hamann Women's Soccer
  Katherine Hanes Women's Rowing
  Bronwyn Knaebe Women's Rowing
  Jordan Kohout Football
  Timothy Lancina Men's Soccer
  Jessica Lund Women's Rowing
  Ellen Meinholz Women's Swimming
  Colin Monasterio Men's Soccer
  James Oldeschulte Men's Rowing
  Geena Prough Women's Ice Hockey
  Cody Rissman Men's Rowing
  Rebecca Ruegsegger Women's Ice Hockey
  Kendall Schmidt Women's Rowing
  Eric Schremp Men's Golf
  Josh Thiermann Men's Soccer
  Ryan Thompson Men's Rowing
  Allison Wack Volleyball
  Thomas Welk Men's Golf
2010-11 Paige Adama Women's Soccer
  Ellen Arkin Women's Golf
  Megan Beers Women's Cross Country
  Stephen Dudek IV Men's Rowing
  Meghan Flannery Women's Soccer
  Janelle Gabrielsen Volleyball
  Adam Hexum Men's Track
  Erin Jacobsen Women's Soccer
  Luke Juckett Men's Rowing
  Elliot Krause Men's Cross Country
  Hayley Leinss Women's Rowing
  Ryan Little Men's Ice Hockey
  Margaret Meyer Women's Swimming
  Bradley Nortman Football
  Laurie Nosbusch Women's Soccer
  Carla Pentimone Women's Ice Hockey
  Carolyne Prevost Women's Ice Hockey
  Shannon Schlack Women's Rowing
  Jenna Severson Women's Track
  Alaina Trgovich Women's Tennis
  Leigh Williams Women's Soccer
  Lindsay Zastrow Women's Basketball
2009-10 Lauren Borja Women's Swimming
  Mia Cava Women's Rowing
  Leah Coyle Women's Cross Country
  Caroline Ditscheit Women's Cross Country
  Nathan Emanuel Football
  Kathryn Flood Women's Track
  Rebekah Foelker Women's Rowing
  Taylor Fries Women's Rowing
  Kristyn Hansen Softball
  Kathryn Haver Women's Rowing
  Ian Jansen Men's Track
  Alyssa Karel Women's Basketball
  Lindsey Kong Women's Cross Country
  Breanne Lynch Women's Rowing
  Rose Morahan Women's Swimming
  Sarah Obernauer Women's Rowing
  Egle Staisiunaite Women's Cross Country
  Philip Thomas Men's Cross Country
  Scott Tolzien Football
  Alana Trotter Women's Basketball
  Gabrielle Waclawik Women's Rowing
  Elliot Wilson Men's Soccer
2008-09 Louis Bien Men's Rowing
  John Bolas Men's Cross Country
  Maggie Collison Women's Cross Country
  Kirk DeCremer Football
  Kaela Erickson Women's Rowing
  Maria Evans Women's Ice Hockey
  Sheri Ferron Women's Soccer
  Jacob Fritz Men's Track
  Claire Geiger Women's Rowing
  Barry Gill Men's Track
  Karen Greuel Women's Cross Country
  William Hartmann Football
  Cassie Hintz Women's Cross Country
  Tyler Holland Football
  Katie Hurtis Women's Rowing
  Ryan Jeffery Men's Ice Hockey
  Kristin Johnson Women's Rowing
  Kelley Kowitz Women's Rowing
  Amy Lewis Women's Track
  Marek Michalicka Men's Tennis
  Andrew Miller Men's Soccer
  Ahna Olson Women's Rowing
  Alicia Pablich Women's Cross Country
  Luke Rucks Men's Cross Country
  Kenneth Rueden Men's Rowing
  Daniel Stevens Men's Rowing
  Nichole Trumper Women's Rowing
  Mickey Turner Football
  Beth Weinstein Women's Golf
  Brett Valentyn Men's Basketball
2007-08 Lane Benes Women's Rowing
  Elizabeth Brooks Women's Swimming
  Jeana Dahl Women's Golf
  Caitlin Dodge Women's Track
  Nicholas Engen Men's Golf
  Margaret Galloway Women's Rowing
  Kevin Gullikson Men's Basketball
  Drew Hammen Wrestling
  Eric Hatchell Men's Track
  Katie Helmrick Women's Rowing
  Maggie Hippman Women's Cross Country
  Sarah Hurley Women's Cross Country
  Sarah Ingison Women's Basketball
  Erin Jobe Women's Tennis
  Jennifer Lhost Women's Rowing
  Melissa Manke Women's Cross Country
  Susan Masterson Women's Rowing
  Edward Newman Men's Rowing
  Megan Seidl Women's Track
  Cecily Shiel Women's Rowing
2006-07 Joshua Balts Football
  Julia Benson Women's Track
  Lindsey Biew Women's Track
  Matthew Brown Football
  Caitlin Burk Women's Tennis
  Nicholas Caronna Men's Soccer
  Ana Cox Women's Rowing
  Victor Diaz Men's Soccer
  Matthew Donoghue Men's Rowing
  Ann Eshun Women's Soccer
  Jennifer Gelden Women's Swimming
  Tommy Gregory Men's Swimming
  Kathleen Holoyda Women's Rowing
  Gwen Jorgensen Women's Swimming
  Stephanie Koepp Women's Rowing
  Kristen Kuhn Women's Rowing
  Katy Meuer Women's Soccer
  Chelsea Nusslock Women's Tennis
  Nolan Polley Men's Tennis
  Nicole Sauer Women's Track
  Erica Schoeller Women's Track
  Emily Sitek Women's Rowing
  Stefani Szxzechowski Women's Soccer
2005-06 Sara Bauer Women's Ice Hockey
  Marisa Brown Women's Soccer
  Nikki Burrish Women's Ice Hockey
  Andrew Cardona Men's Soccer
  Erin Davies Women's Rowing
  Christopher Ede Men's Soccer
  Meghan Filbrandt Women's Rowing
  Jamie Genthe Women's Rowing
  Julia Heinrich Women's Track
  Rebekah Katsma Women's Soccer
  Lindsay McMillan Women's Golf
  James Murphy III Men's Rowing
  Joel Nellis Football
  Katherine Pofahl Women's Rowing
  Nicole Simmons Softball
  Joseph Thomas Football
  Phoebe Turner Women's Ice Hockey
2004-05 Nathaniel Brown Men's Track
  Emily Carpenter Women's Swimming
  Sharon Cole Women's Ice Hockey
  Joseph Detmer Men's Track
  John Dyreby Men's Cross Country
  Joseph Ebinger Men's Swimming
  Colleen Gosa Women's Rowing
  Candice Hansey Women's Rowing
  Sarah Hernandez Women's Swimming
  Rebecca Johansson Women's Swimming
  Lauren Lasseter Women's Track
  Katie Lorenzen Volleyball
  Malika McCormick Women's Rowing
  Shannon Murto Women's Track
  Lisa Oikarinen Women's Track
  Elizabeth Redfearn Women's Rowing
  Kaitlin Reiss Softball
  Benjamin Roland Men's Track
  Michael Sracic Men's Track
  Colin Steele Men's Cross Country
  Kaitlin Vorwald Women's Swimming
  Claire Wallace Women's Rowing
2003-04 Matthew Gajda Football
  Ebba Gebisa Women's Basketball
  Shannon Gedman Women's Rowing
  Leah Gordon Women's Rowing
  Clayton Hanson Men's Basketball
  Luke Kohtala Men's Ice Hockey
  Andrea Lopez Women's Track
  Lindsay Martin Men's Tennis
  Kathleen McGaffigan Women's Tennis
  Natalie Phillips Softball
  Jason Pociask Football
  Julie Quoss Women's Rowing
  Brady Reinke Wrestling
  Jessica Ring Women's Soccer
  Weston Ulfig Men's Track
  Nicole Weir Women's Rowing
  Eric Wiesner Men's Swimming

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